Hey, I’m Jakob 👋

You’ve just stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. I’m trying to keep this up-to-date as a quick way to see what I’m up to.

Me in 10 seconds

I’m a data engineer turned startup founder, currently working on Datapods, and on Robowriter.

📍 I’m based in Bonn, Germany.

🌱 I’m currently trying to grow into my role as Founder.

📝 I sometimes write stuff on [https://notes.endler.tech]

📫 Reach me -> jakob@endler.tech</p>

If I’m not coding, you’ll probably find me watching Counter-Strike, painting Warhammer 40k models, or taking a walk.

⚡️ As of Q1 2024, I’m currently working on / exploring:

👀 Getting my startups Datapods and Robowriter off the ground

Datapods just received ~270k€ in Funding from the EU, and are looking to launch in Q3 ‘24.

📚 Exploring Crypto/Web3

🏃🏼‍♂️ Keeping myself fit, though there hasn’t been much time for that lately

📚 Currently reading Peopleware and Scaling People, both have been great so far :)

🧠 Optimizing my brain & body to live better, read about this in my Notes

🧪 In the past, I’ve:

About this site

This site is made with Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. In the JEndler/endler.tech repository.